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Nick Thomson

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Co- Founder / Director of Business Development


I am the founder director of A.N.T Podcast Management. I've always been a creative person from studying photography at university to being a radio producer at the BBC - it's what makes me tick. I grew up in Essex, England where I met my husband Nick - we've been together nearly 12 years! My favourite podcast that I don't work on is 'Ear Hustle'. Since this company was born from our travel podcast, here are some worldly facts about me; I'm conversational in Spanish and I'm currently learning Portuguese because it's my dream to live in Brazil. My top 3 favourite countries are Brazil, India and Morocco. Lastly my party trick is that I can say 30 different sentences in 30 different languages. 


Hi I’m Nick, the Co-Founder and Business Development Director at A.N.T Podcast Management. My two passions are travel and podcasting so when my wife Amy and I started our own podcast; What The Pho Travel Podcast it was a natural fit. I think there’s something special about telling stories from around the world with audio only. There are millions of interesting people and stories out there and podcasts are a great platform because your imagination runs wild when you can’t physically see something. Away from podcasting I enjoy football (soccer for our friends in the USA) and tattoos. Each of my tattoos represents a country. Only one person has ever been able to guess every one correctly!

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