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Podcast Packages

Are you starting from the very beginning and need help jump starting on the right foot?

Want your podcast to be a cut above the rest? And need help producing it from the start?

Are you struggling with reducing that background noise or getting the correct levels?

Do you want to learn how to present your podcast just like the pro's?

Short on time? And need help with the editing through to uploading?

Are you a podcast manager who needs additional help with your services?


Podcast Set-Up

Confused about where to start? What host website should you use? How do you get your podcast approved by Apple? There's many questions, we've got you covered with this package!

This package includes;

  • Host set-up including iTunes, Spotify submissions

  • Trailer Creation

  • Intro/Outro Creation


  • Professional Voiceover artist on Intros/Outros

  • Artwork Creation

  • Presenter training

From £190 - £420*

* Or the equivalent in your currency

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Podcast Editing Only

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Top & Tail

Reduce background noise, corrected levels and mixed with your intro & outro production ready to be uploaded.

£36* per episode

(Same price no matter the length)

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A Full Clean

Reduce background noise, corrected levels and mixed with your intro & outro production ready to be uploaded. Plus we listen to the entire episode removing most "erm's", mistakes and awkward breaths, making you sound like a pro.

£45* (0-20mins)

£65* (20-40mins)

£85* (40-60mins)

* Or the equivalent in your currency

Earbuds in Case

Documentary Style

Some podcasts have many parts to them, a little like a puzzle. We would need a chat to know exactly what you want your podcast to sound like before quoting you, let's chat!

Bespoke Pricing*

(We would need further info before pricing)

To purchase or discuss any of our podcast packages just choose from one of the following


Podcast Management


The No-Nonsense

You don't want no messing about. You want to record, send it to us, have it professionally edited and uploaded ready for your listeners to enjoy.

This package includes;

  • Professional Editing

  • Upload & Scheduling

£70* per episode (20mins or less)


£90* per episode


The Socialite

One of the main reasons you've started your podcast is to build your audience, so you're going to need the social media content to promote it right?


This package includes;

  • Professional Editing

  • Upload & Scheduling

  • 1 Audiogram

  • 1 Quote Graphic 

£95* per episode (20mins or less)


£120* per episode

* Or the equivalent in your currency

Clock and Plant

The Time Saver

You are a busy person, we get it! You love your podcast project and want it to continue but you don't have the time to edit, upload, write the show notes and create audiograms.

This package includes;

  • Professional Editing

  • Upload & Scheduling

  • 1 Audiogram

  • 1 Quote Graphic

  • Show Notes

£135* per episode (20mins or less)


£160* per episode

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Producing, Presenting, Production & Promotion

The ultimate package. We can help you with the birth of your podcast, all the way through to it flying the nest. Starting with the lightbulb moment, developing those ideas together into a structured podcast that will captivate your audience. If we're the right fit, we'll collaborate to find your voice in the podcast world, so your podcast isn't just 'another podcast'. This package can include producing, presenting and production ​with a slice of marketing to make sure your audience knows you've arrived.

Realise your vision


Capture your audience with out-of-the-box ideas and features with our help. You can expect zoom brainstorming sessions and an ideas pitch from us to find your winning podcast structure.

Find your voice


Do you want us to provide a professional presenter? Or do you want to be the voice of your podcast? If so, we can offer sessions with our presenter coach to help you find your voice. 

Capture your audience

Production & Promotion

Production comes in many forms, choose from any of our production packages to sound your best plus we offer a marketing package to get your audience in the know about your new podcast.


Presenter Training

Package includes;

  • 'Reading on mic' tips for pace and style.

  • Reading of intro/outro with feedback to style script

  • Interviews: How to formulate and ask questions for an audio audience, when and how to interrupt.

  • You will receive a personal feedback notes after your session


£99* for a 1 hour session

Additional hours can be booked at £75 per hour.

Presenter Training
Investing in yourself


* Or the equivalent in your currency

White - Labelling


Are you a PR & Marketing agency who want to offer podcasting to your clients? Or perhaps you are a podcast manager that wants to focus on the sales, consulting/strategy side of podcasting and need help with the production? Then this is exactly why we offer this service. Discounts available for multiple podcast projects - conditions apply. 

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